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Lektion 7-2
Knus fra Connie
"Queen of the lost souls" - skrevet af Nathalie Rozenveld:
With memories of years before
She goes her way looking at
things she should ignore
Eyes of tragedy
Scared of the things that are
yet to come
Searching for the safety,
looking for the promise
Reaching out for love and
Dreaming of Death, wishing to
fade away
She is the queen of the lost souls
She is the mother of all sorrows
Wife of the lonely tears
Sister of the broken heart
She wants to fly away
She awakens in a night of
Her white eyes shining in the
silky moonlight
Her tears glittering like
diamonds on her soft skin
Her hunger for passing will
never be answered
For she is the queen of the lost souls
She wants to suffer no more
desires to be one with Mother
With grace she´ll throw herself
off a cliff
Or drown in a sea of silent
But she will never rest
´cause she is the queen of the
lost souls
and forever she will be!
   ~~Ssc & Stationary by C.Røjgaard and Tutorial by Lise Falsing~~